It whispers: »Dare you, ghost
You cannot kill me
I will haunt you
Until you allow yourself
To rise –

Wipe the dusty rules off this shelf.
You don’t need this kind of help.

Go, persuade yourself
Make believe you’re not like me
A beast so wild, untamed and free
I can’t be caught nor can you flee.«

No, I can’t catch it
I can barely breathe
Feeling it within me
Rumbling through my veins
Drinking my blood, it likes to see me weak
‘Cause it will reign over me

It won’t raise the siege.

»You can be free
I shall show you how
If you seek your truth
With a heart-felt trust
I can make you glow
In the midst of that dust.«

But I don’t dare, I am a ghost
So easy to kill and
Haunted all day
Until I allow myself
To rise

Beyond the dust that covers those long winter nights.